TrafficWatcher V1.05

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TrafficWatcher is a program which measures the traffic (transmitted and received number of bytes) over a RAS connection. Additional features make the program a compact tools for the internet user of today. Originally, the program has been developed to be aware of the cumulated traffic of a specific internet RAS connection which is running under a volume account.


  • Measures the transmitted and received bytes during a single RAS connection and cumulated over a longer period.
  • Displays a history graph which shows the current speed of your connection. The maximum transfer rate can be entered.
  • Dials automatically, if the connection has been interrupted
  • Warns, if the traffic has reached a given limit
  • Interrupts the connection, if the traffic has reached a given limit
  • Updates your dynamic IP address via DynDNS
  • Minimize TrafficWatcher into the system tray


  • TrafficWatcher has been tested on Windows XP. It should run on Windows 2000. Problems have been seen under Windows 98




Please send requests for new features, bugs, hints, questions, whatever, to

feedback [at]



  • First public version


  • Main window is also put into foreground, if 'Show' has been selected in the system tray
  • Traffic graph is now drawn symmetrically
  • Additional default step times for history, maximum is now 1 minute
  • Traffic counters are always updated once per second
  • Identical default speeds for RX/TX scaling


  • Cyclical synchronization via NTP server for keeping the connection.
  • When resetting the traffic counters, the last values will be saved with date and time into the file TrafficWatcher.log.


  • Disabling time synchronization is now really possible.
  • Maximum of four trys for time synchronization.
  • Time synchronization can be started manually.
  • The installation file is now self-unpacking.


  • TrafficWatcher does not ask anymore, if the connection really should be kept.
  • New option for connecting at program start.
  • Moved disconnect hint to options dialog.
  • New default bandwidths 6000, 16000, 24000, maximum is 26000 kBit.
  • Scaling for history now also in MBit/s and MByte/s.